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Friday, September 16, 2011

Alicia Adele

Summer is over but the heat still continues. I've been most of the summer working on a project with my production partner Morgan Wiley (SYNFINITE) and gospel /house singer Karl Dion Dixon. We're about 8 tracks into a full length LP and it sounding real crazy. Can't leak anything yet but 1nce it's ready,y'all be the first to preview it.

So in the meantime and in between time, I've been doing some small side projects to keep the masses buzzing. First out the gate is "Spaced Invaders", a new mixtape that can be downloaded for free on my soundcloud account PAZE INFINITE SOUNDCLOUD along with some other goodies.

Next up, I did a mashup of Adele's smash hit "Rolling In The Deep" and DC born, New York based beatsmith Oddisee's track "Tokyo" from his recently released "Travelling Man" album. It's called "Rolling Deep in Tokyo" (yeah, I know the title is a little ehh but the jam more than makes up for it trust me). You can preview in the youtube video posted below or download it for FREE at my soundcloud.

Last but not least, I did a remix for Alicia Keys' incredibly beautiful song "Un-Thinkable" from her latest album "Element of Freedom". Me and Lellow go way back before I knew her name was Alicia. Real cool chick, didn't know she could sing much less play piano until I saw her in a Vibe magazine as Clive Davis' secret weapon. When I approached her about she was all hush hush about it. Even though we lost touch after her and KB got signed, I'm still happy for her and wish her the best of success. You can preview in the youtube video posted below or download it for FREE at my soundcloud.
Please enjoy and any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All Doggs Go To Heaven

Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale was the quintessential go to man if you needed your track to reach beyond the stratosphere. From Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg to Ludacris to underground superstars Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch, Nate laced whatever track he was on with his
vocal baritone stylings and brought to the next level. In the past couple of years, his health was failing and he basically dropped off the scene. He finally succumbed to his ailments on March 15th but he'll always be remembered as a titan in the hip hop/r&b world. My most vivid memory of him was seeing him perform at the Up in Smoke tour at Giants Stadium around 2000. When Dre and Snoop performed their classic jam "Next Episode", and Nate Dogg came out? ...absolute pandemonium!!!!!
I recently got down with a global crew of beatmakers through a website called Weekly Beat Sessions . Every Tuesday, the growing roster of producers are sent an email with the “Sample of the Week” attached. Each producer has exactly six (6) days to chop up the sample and create a beat/instrumental that will be showcased the following Monday. A new BeatSession is posted every Monday by 11:59pm (Eastern Standard Time).
This week WBS decided to have a Nate Dogg tribute and the sample track was The Edge by David McCallum which Dr Dre used for "Next Episode". Posted below is my tribute called "Til The Wheels Fall Off". Rest in Power Nate Dogg you are 1 of 1.
Til the Wheels Fall Off (for Nate) by paze infinite

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The SpaceShip Has Landed on Facebook

Yes, Yes true believers, the saga continues. There's a new Paze Infinite facebook page and I'd love for you to be a part of it. Just click on the title link posted above and get connected to the goodness.
A few months ago, I performed with my partner Morgan Wiley as Synfinite at Full Blast. My beautiful wife Sophie videotaped a rare occurence: Paze spitting flows. Yeah, I used to rhyme back in the day and every once in a while I get a jones to get bizzy om the m-i. Peep the goodness below. Until next time..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fallen Comets

Okay true believers! In a herculean effort to build my online story, I've been digging deep in the archives for tracks that I feel truly represent where I am at and where I am heading as an artist. With this sentiment in mind, I proudly present to you "Fallen Comets" a selection of random raw instrumentals, remixes, mash-ups and vocals that never realized their full potential....yet. Enjoy

Monday, February 7, 2011

Old 2 Me, New 2 You

So as I'm gearing up for the next couple of projects on my plate, I decided to start posting old tracks that have never seen the light of day online via youtube. Hence the title of this blog post. The first track out the gate is called "Bahia Bounce". This track was inspired by my visit to Salvador, Bahia in Brazil during the 2007 carnival. Peep the video posted below and please holla if you feel me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We Have A Winner

Happy New Year!
If you're like me and live on the east coast, then you know how difficult it has been dealing with all this cold weather and snow storms that we've been getting lately. Lucky for me, I've got something
hot off the presses that I want to share with you that will warm your hearts a little. As some of you know, I recently entered a remix contest for an up and coming artist named Gordon Voidwell for his newly released single "Ivy League Circus". I just received news today that I won the contest and that his label will be commercially releasing my entry as an official remix. Not only that, but I have been contracted to do another collaboration with Gordon Voidwell to be released later on this year. Thank you to everyone that supported and voted for me and a special thanks goes to Gordon himself for selecting my remix.

In other Paze -related news, be on the lookout for the new Jessica 6 single "White Horse " I co-produced the B-side "Champagne" which should be released on white label next week and on I-Tunes early this spring.

Be sure to visit my bandcamp page at PAZE INFINITE

2011 is already looking to be a very exciting year for me and I hope that all of you have the same expectations of yourselves. Thank you for your time and for taking the time to read this email.