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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SpaceShips Don't Need Keys

Due to my current situation with my neighbors that live above me, I don't get to practice on the APC40 in the manner or as often as I would like. The APC40 made by AKAI Professional is a dedicated midi controller specifically made for Ableton Live, a DAW (digital audio workstation) that works like a sequencer which happens to be my weapon of choice right now. Using the APC40 along with iPod Touch I'm able to launch clips of my music in Ableton Live in a format that is modular and totally flexible to my liking. In a sense as a beatmaker I can basically become a virtual DJ and "spin" my own tracks. Below I posted a video of me practicing on the APC40 at my homeboy DJ Marquee's crib. The songs I play are called "Never Over" and "Dusted Ghost (gotta say it)". Both were composed by me in collaboration with my production partner Morgan Wiley. Enjoy!!!


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