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Monday, April 5, 2010

We Have Art, We Have Technology, We Have Magic

As you well know, I'm fresh off my visit to the sunshine state. The Winter Music Conference was... well I didn't actually go to the conference at all but I did reap the benefits during my stay in South Beach. The weather was gorgeous in contrast to back home in miserable ass NYC. I ran into alot of good peoples and made some contacts with people I needed to know. The women on South Beach were absolutely out of control. A whole bunch of Lady Gagas, Beyonces and Lil Kims running around half naked ( I know, I know I'm married but I ain't blind). The plastic was on serious display if you know what I mean.
Speaking of plastic, that brings me to the whole point of my blog. My main objective of going to the conference was to get my music to as many d.j's and tastemakers as possible. I thought to myself "What can I do to make Paze Infinite standout without making an ass of myself by wearing a panda suit or something like that (don't laugh, people will do anything for Lady Gaga)?" After much research, I decided to go with download cards. These cards have all my pertinent information on them, plus there's a special access code that you can type into a download manager on my website and redeem The Spaceship Has Landed mixtape , artwork and video from me. I'm all about new technology and cds are dinosaurs. Plus, they're way sexier than handing out cds and you can just put it in your wallet like a business card. Peoples eyes magically lit up when I handed the SpaceShip Has Landed mixtape cards out. If you see me in the streets, holla at me and I'll gladly give you one. The artwork that was designed for the cards was done by my homeboy Mistah Metro. You can check out his artwork at ORANGATANG JOE . My dude is nasty with pen and with the tattoos. Holla at him and tell him Paze sent you.


dylan said...

shit looks great man! Gotta grab one next time I see you. Coming to Nublu on Friday?


nublu? what's going on? you performing or Jessica 6?

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