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Saturday, March 6, 2010

We Have Percussion

My production partner Morgan Wiley and I make up the production / performance duo known as SYNFINITE. For the past couple of months we've been working with this magnificent gospel / house singer named Karl Dixon. For our first song together, we decided to do a remake to the classic disco party starter "Love Hangover" by the original diva herself Diana Ross. But due to time constraints and prior commitments on all parties involved we've never quite finished the track and this has been going for some time now. Finally Morgan and I decided to set apart some time to do some serious work on this song. All the vocals were pretty much done, we just needed to do some overdubs. Morgan got in contact with a new acquaintance of his named Andrew Frawley to lay down some live percussion over the programmed drums I had tracked. Well long story short, the "Thing Hitter" came thru to Midnight Sun Studios in a big way and resuscitated this song back to life. Percussion, percussion and more percussion! Djimbe, congas, shakers, cowbells and drum kits put this track in the place it needed to be. Which is good because Karl has been pretty anxious to get this track done and I at least wanted the instrumentation tracked if not mixed by the time he comes back from Brazil in a couple days. Andrew Frawley's music can be heard at BIG DRUM. Oh happy day!
A couple of scenes of Andrew Frawley hitting things


Isabel Rosa said...

Dang Paze not only you are a beat oven but you write SUPER well too! Loved it, can't wait for my future favorite song to be ready. Hurry up you all!!!!!

Isabel Rosa said...

I don't know why google thinks I'm Morgan but its Isabel hereeee!!!!


Bel...this song is going to be crazy. I love that term "beat oven"

Unknown said...

can't wait to hear the finished product!

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