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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Have Fun in the Sun pt 1

Party people! It's been a hot minute since I've updated this blog, mainly because I've been preparing for this trip to Miami. After years of procrastinating and putting it off, I finally made the trip to the Mecca of dance music events, the Winter Music Conference! This is the first in a series of updates detailing my stay in the sunshine state. I'm down here mingling with some people, handing out some product (Oh, I didn't tell you?! The SpaceShip Has Landed the mixtape is here!) and making the rounds. Today wasn't too involved being that I got to Miami a few hours past my ETA (Thanks alot JFK and American Airlines) and I was kinda tired so I didn't party too late. But tomorrow, well today I got a full schedule ahead of me, so I'm a catch a few winks beofre I get on the grind again. Peep the quick video posted below to get yourself up to speed. I'll holla back 1ne million.


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