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Friday, March 26, 2010

We Have Fun in the Sun part deux

Day 2 : Thursday 25 Mar 2010 at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. That's funny! The only time I've really been to the actual conference was when I picked up my registration badge this morning. Yeah after getting some sound advice from some good people like my boy Rich Medina, I went and did the opposite by actually registering for the conference. What a dumb ass. Oh well, live and learn. So after that short adventure, I went to the airport to pick up my main dude Mazzi. Me and Mazzi go back to my emceeing days when we had a group called The Ancients and we've been close friends ever since. Mazzi has gone on to be somewhat of a underground celebrity and his connections were absolutely invaluable to my getting my grind on today. As we walked up and down Collins, everybody seem to know him and he introduced me to many deejays. From there I was able to give them my new mashtape via download cards which seem to impress the hell out of everybody. In the words of the legendary King Britt when I handed him one " Now this is a business card!" We went to a lot of parties up and down South Beach without spending a red cent. I'm beginning to feel that my hard work is starting to finally pay off. What a great day! Peep the video below for more detalis.


creative cookie said...
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creative cookie said...

that sounds amazing. what a cool conference. please bring me one of your download cards on sunday:D.

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